FTP Adapter Context Property Oddities

Originally posted by Nick Heppleston at: http://www.modhul.com/2009/03/04/ftp-adapter-context-property-oddities/

Interesting to see that the FTP adapter doesn’t capture the full Uri of the file in its ReceivedFileName context property – instead it simply gives us the filename:


Compare this with the FILE adapter where the full name (incl. the path) of the file is provided:


So, if you need to capture say the folder structure of the FTP server, you need to do a few lines of magic to extract the folder name from the InboundTransportLocation property (shown in green in the first screenshot) and munge it with the ReceivedFileName.

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WSE Adapter Setup

After struggling to get the WSE Adapter setup on a new dev box, I’m writing this post for posterity, so I don’t waste another three-hours getting the adapter installed….

The adapter has one prerequisite – The Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 2.0 SP3 for .Net [1] – download and run the setup; once finished, check that you have the correct version of the Microsoft.Web.Services2 assembly in your GAC, it should be version

Microsoft.Web.Services2 Version in the GACThis is where I was coming unstuck with the install – there are several versions of MS WSE for .Net, however the BizTalk WSE Adapter seems to need SP3 (which provides the aforementioned version).

Download and install the BizTalk Adapter for WSE 2.0 [2] and its associated service pack, Service Pack 1 [3]. Once the service pack is installed, you should have a working WSE Adapter. If the user that is installing the adapter is not a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators Group, the installer will throw a message informing you that it can’t add (create?) the adapter in the BizTalk Group – simply add the adapter manually from the Admin Console.


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