Happy New Year to the BizTalk Community!

Happy New Year! Another year has passed and I hope that 2007 will be just as great as 2006, if not better.

2006 was an interesting one for me. My main focus was to engage with the BizTalk community in greater depth to enhance my product knowledge: I started this blog and began to engage with the community through the BizTalk Newgroups; I attended my first Microsoft sponsored event back in February and fell in love with the ‘Dark Side’; I also attended my first ever training course (in almost seven years of working in the industry) and I am now working towards gaining Microsoft Certified Status on BizTalk (I hope to take the BTS06 exam in January).

Google Analytics - Geographic MapI’m also really pleased to see such a diverse group from around the globe reading this blog (at least thats what Google Analytics seems to think…) – If you can identify yourself on the map to the left, It’d be great for you to leave a comment telling me where you are.

I know that this blog jumps from topic to topic and that the quantity of BizTalk posts may be a little lacking – please bear with me, I still feel a little green in this new blogging world ;-)

Anyway, to close, I’d like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Happy BizTalking in 2007!!