Creating Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) Files from Separate Public and Private Key Files

This blog post forms part of a larger series of posts looking at setting-up a SFTP Server for integration testing purposes.

Some Certificate Authorities (CAs) use different file formats to store public and private keys. For example, some CA’s store the certificate’s private key in a Private Key (.pvk) file and store the certificate and public key in a .spc or .cer file. The makecert tool will also generate separate .cer (public key) and .pvk (private key) files. Where this is the case, you may need to merge the two files into a Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file.

Imagine you have created a set of self-signed keys using the makecert command on the VS Developer Command Prompt (Server.cer is the public key and Service.pvk is the private key):

makecert -r -pe -n "CN=Modhul" -sky exchange Server.cer -sv Server.pvk

In order to create a PFX file, we need to merge the .cer (public key) and .pvk (private key) files using the following command, again on the VS Developer Command Prompt:

pvk2pfx.exe -pvk Server.pvk -spc Server.cer -pfx Server.pfx

The Server.pfx file is our newly created Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file.

Further information about the pvk2pfx tool can be found at: