New Blog Theme and Blogroll has undergone a bit of a facelift – its now running the excellent K2, an open-source front-end replacement to WordPress. Take a look and let me know if there are any rendering problems in your favourite browser.

You’ll also want to check out my daily Bloglines reading list on the updated Blogroll (on the right-hand-side if you scroll down a bit) – an OPML file is available to download for all 60 feeds if you’re interested.

WordPress Update, a new security blog and love for Akismet

BlogSecurity is a new blog that focuses on security, primarily orientated around the popular WordPress blogging platform (which also powers this blog). One of their first posts was rather disturbing – of 50 WordPress blogs they reviewed, 49 weren’t running the latest version of the software and were susceptible to potentially known attacks.

As a result, I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress (version 2.2) and I would recommend all maintainers of WordPress upgrade their sites too.

On a similar blog related note, I want to offer lots of beer to the developers of the Akismet spam plugin for WordPress – in the last two weeks, its captured 1236 spam comments – fantastic!