BizTalk 2009 RTM Upgrade Gotchas – Tracking Data

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I’ve started to play around with my new BizTalk 2009 installation following my upgrade fromBizTalk 2006 R2 and I’ve noticed a few quirks that you may need to watch out for, following an upgrade.

Tracking Data

The new Admin Console comes with a bunch of new queries relating to your tracking data, including the ability to view Tracked Service Instances and Message Events:


Drilling into the Tracked Message Events view presents the usual Query Results, displaying tracked message events from the BizTalkDTADb dta_MessageInOutEvents and dta_ServiceInstances tables among others:


However, drilling further into an individual message presents the following error dialog:


The message was not found in the Message Box or the Tracking databases. This may be caused by one of the following conditions: (1) message tracking is not enabled; (2) the message(s) is no longer referenced by a running or suspended service instance; (3) the Message Box tracking tables have been automatically purged; or (4) the SQL Server agent is not running on the Message Box servers. (Microsoft.BizTalk.Administration.SnapIn)

It would appear that when the upgrade ‘upgrades’ the tracking databases, some have their data truncated (possibly to allowing the structure of the table to be changed) while others are left untouched. In the above case, tracked data written to the dta_MessageInOutEvents and dta_ServiceInstances tables remains untouched, while data written to the tracking_spool1 and tracking_spool2 tables is truncated (double-clicking a query result item causes the BizTalk Admin Console to issue a call to the ops_LoadTrackedMessages stored procedure, passing in the GUID of the MessageId in question; the stored proc in turn queries the two tracking spool tables and no data is returned).


Don’t rely on your tracking data being available after an upgrade to BizTalk 2009; take a backup of the data before you begin the upgrade and query that data in an offline mode.

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