Twittering, Tweeting? Its far too Confusing….

follow-me-on-twitterOk, so I’ve finally sucumbed to the Twitter phenomenon and I’m now twittering, or is that tweeting? Eitherway, you can follow me over at if you are so inclined…


One thought on “Twittering, Tweeting? Its far too Confusing….

  1. A partner in our message exchange system, has configured their application to abort sending messages to us, if 10 message attempts fail (5743 events) within a 5 minute period. What is unfortunate about this, is they have Biztalk 2004, and if allowed, their Biztalk system would have retried sending the message(s) in 5 minutes, and likely submitted the message. I estimate 99% of the time, we’re running into network time-outs that last for less than a minute, such as in the case of our clustered SQL server back-end failing over (30 sec). Worse still, for every message attempt that fails they send an email message to somewhere in the range of 30 or so people.

    I have been insisting that their system should accommodate a network delay of 30 sec (we are going througha WAN after all). Do you have any good links of information which could outline what a well written application should accommodate as far as sending messages across a WAN like we are?

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