Selecting Unknown Nodes in XPath

Originally posted by Nick Heppleston at:

My currrent project can invoke several common web-services that return roughly the same data, but with slightly different sub elements. I have just had a requirement to count the number of these slightly differing elements using a common XPath statement and I’m amazed by how simple it is, so I thought I would share my findings here.

Consider the following example web-service responses (note the common failure element, but different sub-elements):




To determine the number of possible child elements underneath the Failed element with a common XPath statement, we can use one of several wildcards:

  • * – selects any element node
  • @* – selects any attribute node
  • node() – selects any node (irrespective of type)

In our case, we always want to count element nodes, so our XPath becomes:


which returns a value of ‘3’ and ‘2’ from the examples above.


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