Which Host does a Dynamic Send Port Use?

Something I’ve never come across before – which Host does a Dynamic Send Port use? There is no value displayed under the Handler column for a dynamic Send Port:

Dynamic Send Port - No Send Handler Configuration

Also, when you look at the configuration for a dynamic Send Port (in this case a dynamic HTTP port), there is no drop-down option for the Handler:

Send Port Configuration - No Handler Option

So, Which Host does a Dynamic Send Port use?

After some digging and testing, it became apparent that the Dynamic Send Port runs on the default Host configured for the adapter that is being used; in our case, the Dynamic Send Port was running the HTTP adapter, do a quick look in the Admin Console reveals we are running the Sender Host as our default HTTP adapter host:

Default Adapter Host

In researching for this blog entry, I’ve also come across this discussion on the topic. Jan Eliasen raises the interesting point of this design – we are tied to using the same default Host for each dynamic port that uses the same adapter, which could cause separation of concern issues with bigger systems. There are also possible configuration headaches: when using the SMTP adapter for example, you are tied to using the same adapter settings for each Dynamic Send Port – e.g. SMTP server name & authentication!

10 thoughts on “Which Host does a Dynamic Send Port Use?

  1. Benjy,
    Neither had I until we came across a slow running Dynamic Send Port! Certainly a worthwhile tidbit of info to keep locked away!


    ps. You’re got the same name as one of my two cats!

  2. Incidentally, this means that if your default running host is BizTalkApplication for any adapter and you are trying to run everything in your BizTalk app under a separate host and are using dynamic ports, you actually still need to ensure that the BizTalkApplication host is running. This is practically a bug because it makes shared BizTalk hosting impossible with dynamic send ports.

  3. Hi

    Just a quick note on the comment above about having to use the same SMTP server and authentification for all dynamic SMTP send ports. This is not quite true. There are promoted properties you can set, tha tinclude the SMTP.SMTPhost, SMPT.Username, etc. so at runtime, you can change them if you want.


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