Fix to see C# Generated from Orchestrations in BizTalk 2006

In the good old days of BizTalk 2004 (who am I kidding?!?), compiling a project that contained an orchestration resulted in the C# generated from the XLANG/s to be placed in the same directory, allowing you to put your C# guru hat on and review the code.

While trying to decipher a cryptic BizTalk error message today, I decided to go delving into the generated C# to try and figure out which shape related to ‘segment2’. It turns out that by default, BizTalk 2006 doesn’t provide this functionality.

Thankfully, Arnulfo Wing has sorted this out and provided the instructions to re-enable this helpful piece of functionality through some registry settings and a Visual Studio restart. I haven’t come across his blog before, but it has some great content on all things BizTalk – I suggest you check it out:

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