BizTalk 2006 Message Archiving Component v0.4 – Proposed Enhancements

The BizTalk 2006 Message Archiving Component I released in March of this year on Codeplex has been received well by the BizTalk Community based on the e-mails I have received and downloads (156 source code downloads & 51 binary downloads):

Download StatisticsThe component allows messages to be written to the file system for archiving, it can be executed in either the Decode (Receive) or Encode (Send) stages and uses message context-properties to define the archive path. The component is written in a streaming fashion, is designed for large message consumption and can handle Xml, binary and flat-files. If you haven’t tried it yet, download a copy from Codeplex now.

I’m now starting to think about feature enhancements for the next version, 0.4; my current feature list is as follows:

  • Enabled/Disabled flag to allow easy on/off functionality at run-time
  • Archiving to database (rather than file)
  • Enhanced logging functionality
  • ‘Special’ macros to include values other than those taken from the context properties (e.g. %ReceivedFolderName% when messages are received via the file adapter)
  • MSI-based installer
  • Documentation!

Please feel free to add any further features or requests via the comments.

4 thoughts on “BizTalk 2006 Message Archiving Component v0.4 – Proposed Enhancements

  1. Nick,

    Definitely useful to archive to a DB as in a production env SQL will be clustered ensuring high reliability when storing the file. The On/Off switch is particularly useful in development.

    Keep well,


  2. Very nice component.

    It would be nice to be able to do something like Datefolders with the macros ie:


    This could just work as a sort of timestamp functionality from the Datetime.Now()

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