Updating Existing Send Ports through Binding Files

When we make changes to our BizTalk environments, we always ensure that the changes are scripted so the Ops Team don’t really need worry about messing things up – as a result, we use Binding files everywhere. Normally, we do large scale solution deployments, but earlier this week we needed to update the subscription filter on a single Send Port; to my surprise, I was pleased to discover that Binding files can be used to update existing (unenlisted) Send Ports – no need to delete and re-create (via the binding file).

Consider the scenario above, we have a Send Port subscribing to messages where the Receive Port Name = ‘Sample Receive Port’:

Subscriptions After Update

To update the subscription using a bindings file, strip the Bindings file down to just the Send Port in question and update the <filters> element to include a new subscription (a filter on BTS.InboundTransportType has been added in this case, the operator of zero indicates that its an equals predicate):

Subscription Filter Xml Fragment

With the Send Port in the unenlisted state, import the updated bindings file either BizTalk Admin Console or BTSTask and the filter conditions on the Send Port will be updated:

Subscriptions After Update

Enlist and start the Send Port!

Note that any configuration property on a Send Port can be updated in this way.


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