More Firefox3 Goodness – Extended Secure Certificate Information

Yet more Firefox 3 goodness – great Extended Secure Certificate Information presented directly in the browser:

Firefox 3 - Extended Certificate ValidationI like the fact that the status of the certificate is visible where you would normally be looking (i.e. to the left of the address bar) and is colour coded, rather than just displaying the ‘lock’ icon somewhere near the bottom of the screen that I have to go off and look for*.

I particularly like this feature for people of an older generation (like my folks who got their first computer a couple of months ago and who are really afraid of doing something online that will compromise their bank details etc.). It places the security information you need right in front of your nose, ensuring there is no ambiguity over the validity or security of the site.

More Firefox 3 goodness as and when I stumble across it, and possibly some BizTalk stuff too ;-)

* This isn’t entirely true: IE7 has the lock icon to the right of the address bar, but I don’t use IE for anything other than viewing Xml files so have never seen where the lock icon is…

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