Host Delete Failed – Quick (Unsupported) Fix

My development environment has become sluggish and error prone, so in an attempt to regain some productivity, I set about cleaning the various Hosts and Host Instances from the installation. Unfortunately, while attempting to delete a BizTalk Host through the Admin Console, I received the following error:

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.InstancesSuspended’ with unique index ‘IX_InstancesSuspended_InstanceID’

The fix was relatively simple – all records were deleted from the MsgBox database dbo.InstancesSuspended and dbo.Instances tables and the issue was immediately resolved.

I do not advocate deleting anything in the BizTalk databases – especially in a live environment – any changes are unsupported by Microsoft. In this case, I didn’t want to waste a hour or so unconfiguring and re-configuring the whole BizTalk environment; if I had balked the environment, I would have had to un-configure and re-configure anyway.

If you thinking of doing this in live, DON’T; call Microsoft and let them help you sort the problem.

A screenshot of the actual error message is below:
Host Delete Failed
(On a slightly different note, my blogging hiatus is over – hooray!)


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