Identifing the BizTalk Host from the Process Name

In a production system, it’s likely that you’ll have multiple hosts (and therefore multiple instances of the btsntsvc.exe process) running on a particular server. If one of the btsntsvc processes is performing particularily badly – e.g. hogging all of your CPU – how do you identify the host?

Windows Task Manager - BizTalk Processes
Fire-up Task Manager and identify the PID of the offending process (if you don’t have the PID column, add it by clicking View -> Select Columns). Armed with that information, use the tasklist command to view which Windows Service (i.e. Host) relates to the PID, as follows:

tasklist /svc /fi “imagename eq btsntsvc64.exe

The tasklist command will list the processes matching the query string, their PID and service name (something similar to the screenshot below). With your PID from the Task Manager, making the correlation between process and Host is straightforward.

Tasklist Command Results for BizTalk Host Instance Process
Note that in the tasklist example above, I’m specifically searching for 64-bit processes – if you’re working on a 32-bit system (or you’re search for 32-bit processes on a 64-bit system), your search string will just be ‘btsntsvc.exe’. My Thanks to Francois Malgreve who originally helped me with this problem.


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