Hello Edenbrook

Edenbrook Logo

I’ve decided to move back into permanent employment and I have accepted a position with a London (and Manchester) based consultancy called Edenbrook, specialising in BizTalk.

They have a number of different business practices, each one specialising in a specific area of IT; they are both Java and .Net affectionados and have held Microsoft Gold Certified Partner / Oracle Certified Advantage Partner status for the last several years.

Edenbrook have a large number of major UK and international clients and I’ll be supporting a wide variety of solutions within their Managed Services practice (their support arm) – the opportunities really do seem to be endless right now! I’m currently reviewing the support arrangements and infrastructure for a large BizTalk BI implementation and hope to drive proactive change back into the support model. The guys and girls I’ll be working with are great too (in fact I’m in Manchester right now getting ready to go out for their Beer & Curry night!) and I can’t wait to become a key-player on the team.

On slightly different news, I heard today that my old employer Office2Office, pulled out of contract negotiations with the MoD, effectively meaning that they have lost a £25 million contract. They’re putting a brave face on the news, but their share price has tumbled a little; furthermore, a number of ex-colleagues are now actively looking for a new career. If any of you are reading this – all the best and good look with the job hunting! (Edenbrook are recruiting by the way!)


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