Message Archiving Receive Pipeline Component

Update: The Message Archiving Component is now maintained by Atomic-Scope, visit for more information.

Today I’m releasing a message archive receive pipeline component (BTS06 only) – I’ve been meaning to release the code for this component for some time, but never got around to it.

The component is designed to be used in the decode stage of a receive pipeline to archive a message before any BizTalk processing (with the exception of the adapter) is started. An output directory and filename can be specified in the component properties, with the following macros (which will be expanded to their real-world values) available in the filename:

  • %MessageID% – Expands to the unique Message Id;
  • %ReceivedFileName% – Expands to the received filename, less the extension;

the remainder all expand to their context property values:

  • %InboundTransportLocation%
  • %InterchangeID%
  • %ReceivePortID%
  • %ReceivePortName%
  • %AuthenticationRequiredOnReceivePort%
  • %InboundTransportType%
  • %MessageExchangePattern%
  • %PortName%
  • %ReceivePipelineID%

For example, specifying an archive filename of:


with a file called ‘TestArchive.xml’ will produce an output filename of:


The VS project (including full source-code) can be found in the downloads area under ‘Message Archiving Receive Pipeline Component’ (a 14Kb zip file). Details of how to make the compiled binary available in a BizTalk project can be found here.

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