Custom Disassembler Component – Remember the Context Properties!

This is really a post to remind myself not to be quite so stupid in future….

I’ve been developing a custom pipeline disassembling component over the last few days to take a single purchase order from a customer and split into multiple orders based on (potentially) multiple delivery addresses. The component worked well through the Pipeline.exe tool but on testing using messaging (Send Port subscribing to messages from a Receive Port configured with the new component) I kept receiving:

The "FILE" adapter is suspending a message coming from Source URL:"D:BizTalk MessagesInboundSales OrdersBAA Sales OrdersOrder Splitter Test Input*.xml". Details:"Could not find a matching subscription for the message. ".

In my wisdom, I’d managed to forget that BizTalk is based on a pub/sub model – if I don’t copy the input message properties onto the resultant output messages and promote the message type, the Send Port might struggle to subscribe…..

So, note to self – copy context properties:

// Iterate through inbound message context properties and add to the new outbound message
for (int i = 0; i < pInMsg.Context.CountProperties; i++)
string Name, Namespace;
object PropertyValue = pInMsg.Context.ReadAt(i, out Name, out Namespace);

// If the property has been promoted, respect the settings
if (pInMsg.Context.IsPromoted(Name, Namespace))
outMsg.Context.Promote(Name, Namespace, PropertyValue);
outMsg.Context.Write(Name, Namespace, PropertyValue);

and promote the message type:

// Promote the MessageType property to ensure subscription by orchestrations
string systemPropertiesNamespace = "";
string messageType = "";
outMsg.Context.Promote("MessageType", systemPropertiesNamespace, messageType);


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