Covast EDI Accelerator – No Authorization for Document Type

Earlier this morning, we received the following error from our production Covast EDI Accelerator implementation:

Error encountered: ERROR (13), interchangenr 61059 :
No authorization exists for this document type. Check the port properties.
sender: [Senders Trading Partner Name][DEFAULT], recipient: [Recipients Trading Partner Name][DEFAULT], source format: [3 2 1 ], source document: [Purchase order message]

We were thrown by the fact that the trading partner in question successfully sends several batches of orders per day (for the last several months) without issue – why were we encountering this problem today?

It turns out that the interchange batch in question was sent with an incorrect syntax identifier and version of UNOA2:


we were expecting an identifier of UNOA1.

Syntax identifier settings can be found in the receive port configuration dialog for the EDI Accelerator under the ‘Supported Document Types for EDIFACT/X12’ as shown below:

Covast EDI Accelerator Receive Location Configuration
Only messages with an syntax identifier that is the same as that defined in the receive location settings can be accepted [by that receive location] – you will need to advise your trading partner of the error and ask them to resubmit, modify the file yourself and resubmit or add another receive location with the alternative identifier.

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