iTunes a bit slow on Christmas Day?

iPod Nano BlackAvey bought me a new iPod Nano for Christmas and it looks like I wasn’t the only one – iTunes visits skyrocket on Christmas Day

This is my first iPod and I think that the whole package – iTunes, the iTunes Store and the iPod itself – are absolutely great.

The iTunes Store just works, no fighting with a bad UI or long-winded purchasing process (although creating a user account on Christmas Day was a challenge!) and the tracks aren’t too overpriced. Installation of the iPod went smoothly and Sync-ing with iTunes is a dream – no hassles whatsoever.

I’m getting to grips with the wealth of content available, while fending off requests to download obscure RnB tracks (Teedra Moses who??) so Avey can upload them onto her N73… If anyone can recommend any good tech podcasts, It’d really be appreciated (how come there aren’t any BizTalk podcasts out there – hmmm, a gap in the market maybe!)

I’m now off to download some comedy for our drive to London tomorrow for the New Year – several hours of comedy from Al Murray, The Pub Landlord all for free can’t be bad!!

I might just be a convert to Apple – wonder if I can get BizTalk to run on MacOS….

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