Using custom xslt in the BizTalk mapper & nxslt2

We use custom XSLT in all of our BizTalk maps (simply because we couldn’t get the BizTalk mapper to provide us with the functionality we needed when we first started using the product!) We now have approx. 70 XSLT maps in production use and I plan on blogging about their use in the near future.

In the meantime, I want to tell you about a great XSLT tool I discovered today. I completed development of some .Net 2.0 code earlier and needed a quick way of developing some maps – rather than developing a quick and dirty WinForms app I downloaded the great nxslt2 tool from

Released under the BSD Licence, nxslt2 is a .NET 2.0 Framework application, written in C# 2.0 and is fantastic for RAD XSLT development. Using it is as simple as:

nxslt2 sourcefile.xml transformation.xslt > output.xml

nxslt2 can be downloaded from here (in either source or binary form); documentation is provided here. Enjoy!

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